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Company Synopsis

  • MKCL was formed by a joint initiative of Government of Maharashtra, and 10 leading Universities of the State.In a span of 19 years it has emerged as a high-tech and high-touch initiative. MKCL has trained and assessed more than 1 crore youth with its flagship IT Literacy Course, Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology (MS-CIT).
  • Company has its registered office and operations & development center at ICC Pune. MKCL commenced its business operations in April 2002.

  • Industry Overview

  • India has one of the largest networks of higher education institutions in the world, with ~260 million students enrolled in >1.5 million schools and ~39,000 colleges, primarily dominated by the private sector.
  • The pandemic has changed Education style of the entire world. This has increased the growth potentials of EdTech industries exponentially.
  • The industry serves not only in K-12 (Kindergarten to 12th grade) segment but players like UpGrad and Unacademy, amongst others, have established themselves in +12 teaching segment.
  • India’s EdTech industry is poised to become a $30 billion in size in next 10 years, according to a report released by transaction advisory firm RBSA Advisors.

  • Rationale

  • Amidst the growing and flourishing prospects for EdTech industry, MKCL is set to strengthen its position through its Learning Innovations
  • The Company reported an EBIT of INR 20.54 Cr even in Covid-19 pandemic situation when majority of its Authorized Learning Centers (ALC) were in operational due to lockdown.
  • The Company continues to remain debt-free and maintain sufficient cash to meet its strategic objectives. The Net Worth of the Company is INR 431.09 Cr. on consolidated basis.
  • The Company has sufficient liquidity of INR 83.02 Cr. MKCL has maintained its Dividend history and has declared a 10% dividend to its shareholders.
  • The Company has laid the path for expanding its programs and taking advantage of the EdTech industry boom.

  • Key Highlights of MKCL

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