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Inkel Ltd :

Inkel Limited is a construction and engineering service provider. The Company provides consultancy, construction, and landscaping services. It also offers infrastructural development, facilities management, solar power solutions, and health hospitality services. It is an instrument for fast track development of the state’s economy.

It is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiative that brings together prominent global investors, government agencies, and industrialists. INKEL was established with a specific objective of pooling together private capital as well as professional expertise. They are well-known for their competence in large-scale projects such as roads and bridges, industrial business parks, transport and trade centers, etc.

Inkel is on the path of emerging as a one-stop destination for implementing large scale infrastructure projects. It will also provide a conducive platform for private investors in Kerala and beyond. The company has the potential to grow its services beyond its current territory. Soon it might expand its services in neighboring states.

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