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We can assist you with the liquidation of any other illiquid investments you may own, such as :
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TradeUnlisted is one of the Leading Platforms for Buying and Selling of Unlisted Stocks.
‘The Unlisted Saga’ – Unlisted companies have ambitious plans for rapid growth that aspire to take their business to the next level turning them into multi-bagger growth opportunities for investors. We are credited to institutionalize the Unlisted Market in India. Today most of the global investment managers of India work along with us for Unlisted Opportunities.
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Why TradeUnlisted?
Pioneer in institutionalising the Unlisted Market in India!
As Private Market Innovators, we help Investors, Partners, Shareholders, Institutions and Employees in the buying and selling of Unlisted Financial Products.
Access to Unlisted Stocks
Invest in private companies via TradeUnlisted from a wide range of sectors like Banking, Financial Services, Payments, E-Commerce, Technology, Manufacturing, Industrial, Real Estate, Insurance, Stock Exchanges etc. across Indian & International Markets.
Curated Investments
The Investments showcased on the platform are curated by our Research Team. We also have stock specific Research Reports available on the portal.
Guided Process
Our platform guides you through the complex process of buying and selling of Unlisted Financial Products. Our Team is available to work with you to facilitate smooth transactions.
We Are Recognized As Market Leaders In The Unlisted Space, With Access To Over 8000+ Distribution Partners & 60,000+ Investors covering Institutional, HNI & Retail Category Across Indian And Global Markets.
What our clients say about us!
  • I'm very happy to say I'm associated with TradeUnlisted since last 2 years. In a very tough time of COVID, TradeUnlisted team helped me & my investor very well. I hope I can grow much better with the same support. Thank You.
    Shareyans P.
  • TradeUnlisted is a reliable & trustworthy organisation in unlisted markets. The support from their team is outstanding. When we deal; it's only TradeUnlisted!
    Kaustub D.
  • Two years ago, the unlisted shares space was very nascent with a lot of grey areas in the way it worked/functioned. Luckily for me, I got associated with TradeUnlisted and it has been a smooth sailing ride all along for my clients and me too. Having the right partner in an area such as Unlisted Shares is a boon/blessing.
    Raghvendra N.
  • I have found TradeUnlisted as a fantastic avenue to explore investing in unlisted shares. It has availability of good companies backed by good research notes and at competitive prices. Trade Unlisted team has also been very helpful in making the entire transaction hassle free
    Chiradeep S.
  • TradeUnlisted is an excellent and trustworthy platform for buying and selling unlisted stocks and building alternate investment portfolio in high growth opportunities both in India and abroad. Passion, Knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving best for clients makes TradeUnlisted as one of the top solution provider for alternate asset investment in the country. Keep up the excellent work and cheers to TradeUnlisted team.
    Manoj C.